AWP Procedures

The foundation of every successful application of Advanced Work Packaging is a detailed set of AWP procedures.

AWP procedures specify Who does What, When and How. Ideally, the project contracts identify compliance with the procedures as a mandatory obligation and any bonuses are multiplied by the % of compliance from 3rd party audits conducted against the procedures.

This creates an expectation for compliance with AWP and doesn’t bog down the contract with too many details. Having the AWP procedure outside the contract also allows them to be adapted to the project environment as it becomes known.

As a component of the contract, the procedures also play an important role in establishing accountability and responsibilities. When push comes to shove, as it often does, we are typically opening the procedures to examine the details of exactly what is required.

The other really significant role that AWP procedures cover is that they transition lessons recorded into lesson learned. If the lessons collected at the end of a project are fed back into the procedures then we are far less likely to repeat those mistakes.

We developed our first set of AWP procedures in 2006 and have been letting our lessons learned shape them on each of the 30+ mega and giga projects since then.

For the longest time, we did consider our procedures as our intellectual property and they were only made available to our clients, but now we realize that we need to support the industry-wide development of AWP as a common practice, so we are offering our procedures as a free download.

You will see the Copyright symbol on the procedures, but that is only to prevent somebody else from copywriting them.  You may use them as you see fit with credit given to Insight-AWP as the original author.

The full suite of procedures is then supported by a toolbox of standard document templates:

  • IWP Template
  • Job descriptions for:
    • Advanced Work Packaging Champion
    • Information Coordinator
    • Workface Planning Coordinator
    • Workface Planner
    • WFP Software Administrator
  • Matrix of Key Model Attributes
  • WFP Readiness Review
  • AWP Bid Assessment
  • Path of Construction Workshop
  • AWP Scorecard
  • Project Execution Plan

The 3 key AWP procedures:

Advanced Work Packaging


Information Management

Information Management Procedures

Workface Planning

3 Workface Planning Procedure Document

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