AWP Technology

Technology and the process of information management really is the glue that holds everything together on an AWP project.

We make the Software work.

While we don’t have our own WFP software and we are agnostic in the use of off-the-shelf software, we are very good at making it work. We have successfully applied ConstructSim, iConstruct, Smart Construction, and Smart Materials to projects and we have proven that these software packages are fit for purpose when applied to support AWP.

The key success factor in setting up the software is that our Information Management team, engaged as members of the project management team, have an acute understanding of the data and formats that are required. The team interfaces with the Engineering and Procurement teams early in the project to ensure that we have the right data and that the generators of data know that we expect them to deliver it.

Data Warehouse

The next important ingredient is that we establish a project cloud and use it to host a data warehouse, WFP software, document control, material management and the project schedule.

This allows us to map integration between these data sources and to provide simple, secure access for all of the project stakeholders.

Having all of this information in the one place, in an environment that is managed by the project management team allows us to generate project reports from a single source of project data.

This means that the WFP software is applied as a project management tool, not just for the purpose of facilitating work packaging for Workface Planning.

Data Visualization

Utilizing digital online data visualization to enhance your project’s status is no longer a luxury – it’s now a necessity if you want to be on top of day-to-day decision making.  In today’s world, the ability to analyze critical metrics and measure your project performance through various KPIs you can develop without restriction is an incredibly important driver of project success.

By serving up data and information through various data connectors and sources, and consolidating it into one central customized dashboard, it’s possible to extract value from your insights swiftly and share them with key stakeholders in an accessible way that will result in the kind of action that will improve productivity and drive down costs. This instant and cohesive access to analytics will also improve the internal communication process while offering an increased level of data-driven value across the project and amongst all stakeholders 24/7.

Mobile dashboards allow users to analyze, study, and communicate critical business data in a flexible, accessible format; a mobile app dashboard can empower people from all departments and companies to share and leverage digital data to make more informed, accurate, and valuable business decisions that result in continual improvement, growth, and evolution.

Software we use in Advanced Work Packaging

INSIGHT-AWP is Software Agnostic.
We use the same construction software tools you use.

We have the expertise to implement the software and methodologies that prioritize agile, business-driven data to provide real time data. Our flexibility and knowledge helps your team meet specific goals. We can help with:

  • Setup and Implementation of Information Management
  • Reporting 
  • 3D Model Management
  • Implementation and Deployment (All Industry Software)
  • Data Warehousing
  • And Support for All Available Technologies (ie. AR, QR)

Our approach is tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll work with you to determine the most suitable data, ensuring that your data architecture aligns with your business goals, security, and delivers the insights you need.

We are here to help.

Start a conversation with our team of experts to help you understand the benefits, implementation, and adoption of AWP in the Construction Industry.