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Insight-AWP is a full service project management company implementing Advanced Work Packaging on Small Capital, Mega and Giga projects saving time and money. At Insight AWP we know it, we teach it, we live it, and we help companies implement it.

We succeed where others fail.

Presentation Video

Check out the video of Geoff’s presentation on Advanced Work Packaging and the downstream benefits. If you want to hear it his own words when he talks shop then please take a look and learn about AWP so you too can become an advocate for Advanced Work Packaging.

SlideShare Presentation

This is our presentation deck when we speak to Advanced Work Packaging and what it has to offer. It is a great breakdown of the concept. We have added a video-based version with narration as well below. If you are interested in more AWP resources please let us know.

More Advanced Work Packaging Resources

We have accumulated a few more PDF’s, slide presentations, and documents that help support AWP.

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