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About Insight AWP

Insight-AWP is a full service project management company implementing Advanced Work Packaging on Small Capital, Mega and Giga projects saving time and money. At Insight AWP we know it, we teach it, we live it, and we help companies implement it.

We succeed where others fail.

AWP Champion

Our Vision

Insight AWP’s vision is to propagate Advance Work Packaging education and application globally to a point where all major construction projects implement AWP 100% of the time. This results in bringing projects in on time and on budget increasing the confidence of owners to build more infrastructure around the world in a variety of industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to selflessly lead the construction industry through our ongoing global commitment to the awareness, education and implementation of AWP processes. To this end we will increase the confidence of the owners and construction companies spurring AWP project management growth, while providing transparent value to all stakeholders.

Insight AWP’s Strategic Vision

Leader in AWP

AWP Leader

Global leader in the education and application of AWP.

Global services provider

Global Footprint

Multi-service AWP management in international markets.

Implementing change in the industry

Change Management

Through our trained employee base create environments to lead change and create agents of change.

AWP Technology Innovator

Technology, Innovation & Operational Excellence

Innovator in our sector of AWP; using new technologies to drive transparency and informed decisions.

AWP Employer

Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice within peer group.

Insight AWP is proud to work along side COAA | Construction Owners Association of Alberta and CII | Construction Industry Institute in creating best practices of AWP in the industry.

Insight AWP Around the Globe.

Insight AWP operates around the globe with 3 offices and have projects spanning 6 continents working with leaders of industry.

Our people are from around the globe and speak the main languages of the world.

The map below display our office and project locations (past, present, and future)

We are here to help.

Start a conversation with our team of experts to help you understand the benefits, implementation and adoption of AWP in the Construction Industry.