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What is Advanced Work Packaging?

Insight-AWP is a full service project management company implementing Advanced Work Packaging on Small Capital, Mega and Giga projects saving time and money. At Insight AWP we know it, we teach it, we live it, and we help companies implement it.

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A Brief Synopsis:

What is AWP: Overview

Advanced Work Packaging is commonly known as both the overall process of work packaging for projects and also as a title for the activities that take place at the start of projects, that align Engineering Work Packages with Procurement Work Packages and Construction Work Packages.

Advanced Work Packaging:

The process of Advanced Work Packaging guides the dissection of project scope so that it supports the execution of Workface Planning in the field.

It starts with the processes upstream of the Construction Work Package and aligns engineering work packages with procurement work packages. This populates the construction work packages with all the drawings and materials and gets them ready to be carved into Installation work packages by the construction team.

The other two important elements of the bigger picture are Workface Planning and Information Management:

Workface Planning:

In a coal mine, the workface is that point where the pick hits the coal, in our world of construction it is that point where our tradespeople turn materials into a functioning plant. Therefore, Workface Planning is the process of identifying what these people need and what we must do to get it to them.

Information Management:

The management of information is a strategy that starts with the idea that everybody on the project needs information that is created by somebody else on the project. Therefore, the target of the strategy is to design systems and interfaces that align the source data with the users. The desired outcome is to ensure that all the right people have access to the data that they need, that it is compatible with other project data and it is formatted to be interoperable.

So that everybody knows everything that they need to.

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