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Insight AWP is a champion of Advanced Work Packaging. We can help you at any stage with services proven to get you on the right track.


We facilitate the implementation of AWP processes and technology for our clients, across the Engineering, Procurement and Construction phases of mega projects. Our 15 years and 50 mega projects of global experience have made us the natural leaders in this emerging field. Our staff of AWP veterans are typically imbedded into project management teams to lead the implementation, functioning as department managers and key personnel. Our hands-on approach means that we hold ourselves accountable for your results. 


One of our primary missions is to selflessly lead the construction industry through our ongoing global commitment to the awareness, education and implementation of AWP processes. To this end, we have developed a deep and broad understanding of how to deliver AWP education. Several educational tools are available on our website in the form of books, videos, and blog posts.

We also offer tailored training programs that cater to the specific needs of our clients and their workforce, helping them understand AWP, its requirements and processes effectively.

Our website and advanced work packaging education products are set up to help the industry understand What AWP is, Why the industry is applying it, How to make it work for yourself and Who benefits from it. The products provide continuous (inexpensive) support for you to educate your team and develop a foundation for your transition to AWP.

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The cornerstone of our implementation model and our education system are the AWP Guide books Schedule for Sale for Workface Planning and Even More Schedule for Sale for Advanced Work Packaging. These books have now sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide in English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish, forming the foundation across the industry for a common understanding of this transformation to predictable project execution.

Our 5 short YouTube videos give an animated version of how each of the 24 elements of AWP function and how they relate to each other, providing a simple tool for you to use when educating your team.

From our website you can also download our detailed procedures, which have been formed and continuously improved across our history of implementation, which will give you a starting place to develop your own standards.

You are welcome to use these and our other products yourself or to use our Subject Matter Experts to help you implement a truly effective training program. 


Joining your Project Management team in early FEED, our AWP Champion takes the lead on all things AWP with the creation of ‘fit for purpose procedures’, the facilitation of the Path of Construction and the methodical application of AWP processes for Engineering & Procurement.


Insight have several models for information management that address Engineering, Procurement, Document Control, Project Controls, Material Management, Construction and Turnover. This extends to Standardized Reports and an Essential Meeting Matrix. For this information management process to be successful this logic must be applied during the conceptual stages of the project. An Insight employee would be imbedded into the project team prior to the engagement of the Engineering team and utilized to design information standards that would become contractual obligations for each of the stakeholders. This contribution has by far the biggest Return On Investment and establishes the base for a successful application of WorkFace Planning.

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There are some very good applications of WorkFace Planning software on the market today and we expect even more in the future. The key to any WorkFace Planning software is to ensure that the input data streams supply consistently good data. The design of these information streams is critical to the successful population of the software. On previous projects we have imbedded an Insight employee as the Information expeditor, with very good results. This person works with your existing suppliers of information, Engineering, Procurement, Project Controls, Document Control and Material Management, to shape the supply and format of the information so that it can be used to populate the WorkFace Planning software on a weekly basis. This person would typically join the project during the conceptual stage and then hand over the functional system to the 3D Model Administrator prior to the start of Construction.


Acting as a specialist subcontractor, Insight can join the Project Management Team of a project and totally manage the entire application of Workface Planning. This will include the total staffing of the department, application of WorkFace Planning software, information management, generation of Installation Work Packages and the recording of progress. In this model the execution of work is expected to remain with the construction contractor.

One of the key functions that we offer at Insight is the integration map of supporting services. We understand at Insight that our strength is the project management of the system parts and the development of management systems. We don’t make software, execute construction or start facilities up, but we do know how these functions need to operate. The Insight team has a broad understanding of how these functions need to blend together to create overall value for the project.

This work flow illustrates a paperless materials management workflow.


Over the past several years we have been perfecting our Materials Management processes. This has led us to implementing a centralized Materials Management workflow where we manage the procurement and delivery of materials synchronized with the various work packages that are created as part of the AWP methodology

With this in mind, our approach to materials management is to digitize and centralize this function to gain the following advantages:

  • Single source of material management data with common access for all stakeholders.
  • Complete management of data by absorbing fabrication data.
  • Organization of the warehouse to support AWP.
  • Create and maintain a digital link from the material management data base to Workface Planning software, the schedule, documents and project reports.
  • Lowering total project and installed costs by reducing labor hours, materials surpluses, and shortages.
  • Reduces procurement costs by onboarding suppliers and online bidding capabilities
  • Improving risk management through management by exception.
  • Enabling global project collaboration and execution, using correct, complete, and consistent data


If you have an existing application of WorkFace Planning, the team at Insight can help you determine what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement. An Insight employee typically captures a snapshot of the existing application over a period of two weeks and then produces a report for the PMT. The project then has the choice to act upon the recommendations themselves or to engage Insight on an as needed basis.

As a leading indicator, Time on Tools studies allow construction management teams to address actual current issues and to see the results of their actions in a much shorter time horizon.

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Time on Tools analysis is the systematic observation and reporting of time utilization. Random observations of activities are made across a two-week time frame. The resulting data, expressed as percentages, indicates how the workforce is utilized and is used to measure the effectiveness of work processes through the utilization of the workforce.

The objective of Time on Tool studies includes:

  • Comparing current utilization levels against expectations.
  • Determines if current work process enables the workforce to perform safely, effectively, and    efficiently.
  • Identifies opportunities to further improve work processes as even incremental improvements can have profound impacts on your project’s productivity

Insight-AWP is now making our historical database available to anyone via our user interface containing projects from Western Canada, the US Gulf Coast, and Western Europe, approaching 200,000 observations. You can now access and sort the largest sample size of project observations available in one location that will allow you to better predict, identify, and prepare for potential productivity issues.

By comparing the resulting percentages against targets (considered realistic stretch targets based on historical data) opportunities for improvement are identified. Streamlining support activities and decreasing delays will increase the percentage of direct activity achieved.

By using our tool, you can now produce observations that are recorded by sampling routine execution for a typical duration of two weeks. The observer cycles through all project areas in a non-invasive manner so that many typical “snap shots” of project life can be recorded.

Please visit our Time on Tools website at for more information about the tool and our services.


The aim of AWP is to ultimately give each foreman and Installation Work Package (IWP) at the start of of each week that is ready to go. The AWP Process Assessment is designed to look at the documentation / roadmap developed to execute AWP and provide feedback. The goal here is to focus on whether or not the AWP process auditable, and determining if there is a good definition of the process.

While procedure documentation alone do no not make AWP work, they do establish an expectation for compliance to the process, and ideally the documentation should be specific, detailed, auditable, and identify who, what when, how, and why and include flow charts and templates.

The procedures will become the backbone of the process and will facilitate the detailed description of stakeholder deliverables.  


After Insight have helped you to develop your application of WorkFace Planning we can also work with you to established a scorecard for the purpose of auditing your application. We can apply the generic scorecard supplied through the COAA web site or audit a process against your established procedures. This is especially useful when your organisation has contractually mandated the application of WorkFace Planning for sub-contractors. The audits are an excellent tool for maintaining your alignment with your initial goals. An audit and report presentation can be effectively conducted over one week by two Insight employees. Ideally this can also be expanded to include a Time on Tools assessment.

Geoff Ryan – AWP Expert, Speaker & Lecturer


We have a very talented bench of AWP subject matter experts that can be leveraged to prepare and deliver presentations on everything AWP. Over the years we have gained considerable experience in delivering these presentations at conferences and one on with our customers.

Geoff Ryan, our CEO, is one of the most sought-after SMEs on AWP and has written two books on the subject that you can order from our website. He has almost 20 years working with CII and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, two organizations responsible for advancing AWP procedures.

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