Field Installation Work Package

The Field Installation Work Package is identified in the Work Breakdown Structure as a sub component of each Construction Work Package (CWP) and equivalent to a level 5 schedule activity. The ideal CWP is less than 40,00 hours, a level 3 schedule activity and a single discipline (trade). A single CWP is then dissected by the Workface Planner into less than 40 FIWPs.Field Installation

A single FIWP (1000 hours) represents the work that is expected to be completed during one rotation of work by one crew of 10 trades people. (based upon 10 hour shifts and a 10 day rotation).

Each FIWP should contain: detailed scope of work, constraints checklist, complete bill of materials, scaffold requirements, equipment requirements, latest revision drawings, 3D snapshots of the work, Safety requirements relative to the scope, Quality control documents relative to the work, Cost codes for the scope, Timesheets, schedule activity codes that relate the work to the project schedule, any special requirements and contact information for site resources.

Each FIWP should appear in the project schedule as an individual level 5 activity with all of the dependencies identified.

The FIWPs travel through an 8 week cycle from creation to execution as the constraints are systematically removed. Once all of the constraints have been satisfied the FIWP can be released to the General Foreman for designation to a Foreman and crew.

Upon FIWP completion the QC documents should be copied and extracted in preparation for system turnover . The FIWP is then utilized by the WorkFace Planner to report progress.

Download a sample Field Installation Work Package document