Construction Work Packages

The Construction Work Packages (CWPs) are a deliverable from Engineering to Document Control that are identified on the level 3 project schedule. A CWP can be considered complete when more than 95% of the drawings have been issued for construction and submitted to Document Control.

The engineering portion of the CWP (part A) is then flagged as complete by Document Control to the WorkFace Planners. The 3D model Administrator applies the electronic files to the 3D model through the WFP software and validates that the drawings match the parameters of the CWP in the 3D model.

The ideal shape and size of a CWP is a single discipline with less than 40,000 work-hours. The WorkFace Planners then take this area of work and utilize the WFP software to dissect the work into Field Installation Work Packages (FIWPs), with guidance from the General Foreman and Superintendent. A single FIWP will then represent one rotation of work for one crew, contain approximately 1000 work-hours and a become a single level 5 schedule activity.

In order to facilitate this process a single CWP must equal a single Engineering Work Package (EWP) and appear as a single level 3 schedule activity. The delivery sequence of the CWPs must be based upon the Path of Construction. Materials must be procured and delivered to site by CWP and appear in the project schedule as such.