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AWP and Information Management Webinar Replay

Insight-AWP: Keep Calm and IM for AWP.Do not miss this opportunity to watch this replay about the foundation of information management in the Advanced Work Packaging environment its implementation and support. Learn from experienced senior AWP consultants from Insight-AWP about Information Management and about data, it's quality, and how to use it simply and inexpensively [...]

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AWP and Information Management Webinar

Do not miss this opportunity to learn from experienced global subject matter experts in AWP and information Management. Join senior AWP consultants from Insight-AWP for a presentation and conversation that addresses the foundation of information management in the Advanced Work Packaging environment it's implementation and support. Have you registered for this week’s free AWP [...]

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Win More With Advanced Work Packaging

Watch the webinar recording nowStop Starting and Start Finishing: Win More with Advanced Work PackagingMissed the live session? No problem! You can watch the recording on-demand here.In this webinar, Insight-AWP founder, Geoff Ryan, presents his findings from more than 200,000 observations on multiple mega-projects deploying Advanced Work Packaging, which definitively shows:a) AWP isn't that difficult to [...]

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What is Change Management? (Part I)

What is Change Management?One of the greatest opportunities in working with our customers is to introduce changes in behaviors and processes to the betterment of all. As we all know change isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. I have always believed that change is best administered a tablespoon at a time versus a shovel [...]

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AWP and Business Intelligence

Decisions driven by timely and accurate data is an important aspect of any business. This includes the business of project management, and the bigger the projects the more important the data and interpretation of that data becomes. At Insight-AWP we have invested in the use of cloud technologies along with Business Intelligence tools to provide [...]

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Learning AWP at Houston University

Advanced Work Planning at University of Houston Even More Schedule for Sale: Advanced Work Packaging, for Construction Projects” is the second guidebook by Geoff Ryan on AWP. Mr. Ryan shared his insight on AWP with construction management students at UH and provided each with a signed copy of his book during the “Meet the Author” [...]

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