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AWP Data Strategies Webinar

Virtual Event for the Britain and EU Construction Industry
Organized by Group ASI, Powered by CII

Please join us for the AWP Europe Virtual Conference being held on April 20th, 21st and 22nd. The conference is targeted to the Britain and EU Construction Industry.   |   Discounts Available

Please note the time zone which is British Standard Time. The start time for you early risers will be 3:30MST here in North America, but don't worry recordings will be made available for the wide variety of presentation topics.

Creating an AWP Data Strategy

Insight AWP joins O3 Solutions to discuss how clients can use AWP data strategies effectively during the implementation of Advanced Work Packaging projects.

Learn how O3 and Insight AWP have partnered to support clients with robust AWP data strategies – with help from Subject Matter Experts and AWP software to deliver a successful implementation.

In this session we covered:

  • Challenges standardizing data
  • How to get the data centralized & flowing to add value
  • If you don’t standardize the data, what happens?
  • Using data to support work packaging with software
  • The value of the Insight AWP & O3 partnership 

Data Strategies


Webinar AWP Data Strategies

Geoff Ryan

P.M.P., Insight AWP

A Texas-based Canadian from Australia, Geoff Ryan is a Project Management professional who has been involved in over 50 mega projects using the principles of AWP to deliver successful outcomes. Author of two books on AWP, Geoff is helping the industry make the leap from Workface Planning to AWP.  

Mandi Coker

VP Education & Engagement, O3 Solutions

Mandi Coker is the VP of Education & Engagement for O3 and has nearly 20 years’ experience in brand management, demand generation, market education, and event management.

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