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Case Study: Project “K”

Mid-project reviewFort McMurray, Canada$1 Billion2015Workface Planning Scorecard SummaryThe review was conducted onsite by utilizing the methodology and structure contained in the Workface Planning Scorecard, which is attachment A of this report.Scorecard Summary  Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree   12345Total score/ 501Project Definition & Planning 1464 24/50 – 48%2Project Controls 1098 27/50 – 54%3Information Management 1094528/50 – 56%4Workface Planners 6681535/50 – 70%5Installation Work Packages 6616533/50 - 66%6Field [...]

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Case Study: Project “L”

PROJECT L:New construction, $450 million.Houston, USA2016End of project summaryWinner of the ‘Be Inspired’ award from Bentley.Changing Minds and ParadigmsThe Challenge:In November 2014 Insight-AWP was engaged by a Houston area refinery to apply Advanced Work Packaging and deliver a stable construction environment with predictable project outcomes to one of their construction projects. The typical North American [...]

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Case Study: Project “M”

$1 Billion AWP Field Mobilization Readiness Review 2016 At the request of our client, Insight-AWP conducted a cold eyes project review of Project-M in late 2016. The specific focus was on the readiness for execution based upon the principles of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). The Insight-AWP team of Dany Mandel and Geoff Ryan conducted [...]

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Case Study: Project “N” Closeout

Project-N Redwater, Alberta $5 Billion 5000 Craft workers Study period: February 2016 – September 2016 Insight‐AWP has been involved in the examination and management of productivity on mega projects since 1998 and conducting Time on Tools studies and applying Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Installation Work Packages (IWP) in both North America and Europe [...]

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Material Management Flow Chart

  CWP IFC: This occurs when the last of the isos for this CWP are issued to the field as IFC – Notification will come from Engineering. ConstructSim: Apply IFC’d Isos to the model – Executed by the WFP Database Administrator. Virtual FIWPs: When CWP reaches 100% IFC Workface Planner and the Field Supervisors [...]

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3D Mode Administrator

Job Description Job Title: WorkFace Planner Organisation: Construction Contractor Reports to: Superintendent – Functional WorkFace Planning Lead – Matrix Summary The Workface Planner is responsible to build Field Installation Work Packages for the construction contractor’s workforce. A typical WorkFace Planner will build and maintain FIWPs in one discipline for one General Foreman or approximately [...]

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Turnover Systems

Prior to the start of Construction the Ready For Operations Team (RFO) are responsible to identify exactly how they would like to receive the completed plant. They do this by identifying the turnover systems on Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and building a sequence of turnover between the systems. The engineering teams are then [...]

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Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): A progressive dissection of project deliverables with parent – child relationships. The WBS is typically established prior to detailed engineering and is the base platform for the 3D model, Document Control, Material Management, the Project Schedule, Project Controls and Cost coding. This allows the WorkFace Planners to align work [...]

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Field Installation Work Package

The Field Installation Work Package is identified in the Work Breakdown Structure as a sub component of each Construction Work Package (CWP) and equivalent to a level 5 schedule activity. The ideal CWP is less than 40,00 hours, a level 3 schedule activity and a single discipline (trade). A single CWP is then dissected [...]

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