Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): A progressive dissection of project deliverables with parent – child relationships. The WBS is typically established prior to detailed engineering and is the base platform for the 3D model, Document Control, Material Management, the Project Schedule, Project Controls and Cost coding. This allows the WorkFace Planners to align work with time and cost.

The size and shape of the WBS elements is very important to the application of WorkFace Planning. Typically the dissection should look like this:

The ideal shape and size of these elements is:

CWA: Geographic cube of logically associated work – all disciplines – less than 100,000 work-hours = to a single level 2 schedule activity.

CWP: Same boundaries as the CWA – single discipline – less then 40,000 work-hours = to a single level 3 schedule activity.

FIWP: one rotation of work for one crew – single discipline – less than 1000 work hours = to a single level 5 schedule activity.

Download a sample work breakdown structure document