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Material Management Flow Chart

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Please join us for the AWP Europe Virtual Conference being held on April 20th, 21st and 22nd. The conference is targeted to the Britain and EU Construction Industry.   |   Discounts Available

Please note the time zone which is British Standard Time. The start time for you early risers will be 3:30MST here in North America, but don't worry recordings will be made available for the wide variety of presentation topics.

  1. CWP IFC: This occurs when the last of the isos for this CWP are issued to the field as IFC – Notification will come from Engineering.
  2. ConstructSim: Apply IFC’d Isos to the model – Executed by the WFP Database Administrator.
  3. Virtual FIWPs: When CWP reaches 100% IFC Workface Planner and the Field Supervisors build virtual FIWPs in the ConstructSim model. Associating a list of isos with a FIWP number.
  4. Electronic FIWPs : WFP produces report from ConstructSim that shows packages and associated Isos. Deliverable to the Material WFP.
  5. Build packages in Mat Mgt DB: Utilizing the information from the electronic FIWPs the Material WFP enters the FIWPs into the Material Management Data base by grouping the isos under the FIWP numbers supplied. Typically this would be up to 100 work packs, each containing up to 20 isos and would occur soon after each CWP reaches 100% IFC.
  6. Identify shorts in Mat Mgt DB : Material WFP applies soft allocation to the packages in the Mat Mgt DB and draws a report of any shorts.
  7. Shorts: Once a week the Material WFP draws a report on each package from the Mat Mgt DB that shows all of the shorts by FIWP and forwards it to the WFPs. This shows the WFPs the current status of each pack and shows which FIWPs can be released.
  8. Monitor : The FIWPs then remain in a holding pattern until the WFPs determine that the material constraint has been satisfied or that the shorts can be tolerated.
  9. Hard Copy FIWPs : 4 weeks prior to the scheduled release date the WFP creates two hard copy FIWPs of the virtual package. One hard copy of each package is given to the material WFP. This will happen each week as the virtual packages reach the milestone of 4 weeks prior to their scheduled release date.
  10. Generate Pick ticket: The material WFP generates a Pick Ticket for the field materials, this is then attached to the hard copy of the FIWP.
  11. Assemble Field Materials : The Material Yard Staff assemble the field materials from the pick ticket/FIWP onto a pallet. The pallet is identified with the FIWP number and then stored in the warehouse.
  12. Remove Constraints: The WorkFace Planners systematically remove the rest of the constraints over the four week period leading up to execution (see remove constraints on the home page).
  13. Release Work Package : The Workface Planner releases a work package for execution once the last of the constraints have been satisfied.
  14. Material Requisition : The Workface Planner develops a material requisition giving 1 week notice to the Material Management Group. Requesting the package by number, identifying the drop zone, contact name in the field and Required On Site (ROS) date.
  15. Generate Pick Ticket – Spools : Material WFP receives the material request from the WFP’s and generates a Pick Ticket for the yard to pick the spools and the prepackaged field material pallet.
  16. Ship Spools & Field Materials Overnight : Material Yard Staff pick the spools and the prepackaged pallets of field materials, shipping the consignment to site overnight complete with the pick ticket and the hard copy of the work package. The delivery driver will call the contact person identified on the pick ticket to arrange for receipt of the work package materials.
  17. Receive Materials : The designated field person identified on the material request receives the work package from the Warehouse Delivery Driver at the designated drop zone. Once received the material is checked against the work package, this is a nightshift activity.
  18. Execute work : The field crews install the material and return any uninstalled components back to the Warehouse where the components are stored as the remaining portion of the FIWP, palletized and identified.