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Jason Dubose

Having the capacity to generate AWP influence is a key skill set for our change agents. We have been working with the industry over the last 10+ years developing a comprehensive understanding of what needs to happen, we have also been busy building the capacity to make it happen, through the acquisition and development of the right people.

Jason Dubose

Smart Construction SME

Jason is an executive Information Technology and Process Consultant with 35 years of experience in the implementation and management of complex processes and software systems supporting Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning, Owner and Operator implementations on mid, large and mega size projects. This includes Sales Support, Project Controls, Business Development, Product and Project Management, Services Management, Software Development Management, Training and leading deployments and on ongoing implementations. Over the years he has had extensive multi-level customer relations with direct facing roles with all major Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Owner/Operator companies in the Aerospace, Process, Power, Mining and Marine business industries.

Jason also has extensive experience in the application of software automation tools to support Advance Work Packaging (AWP) and Work Face Planning (WFP) processes and procedures.

He has served in Product Owner and Subject Matter Expert (SME) roles using Agile and Scrum software development methodologies for past 10 years for Smart Construction, and has performed certification, testing, quality assurance and training of resulting software solutions.

On the personal side Jason has been married for 24 years with 3 children. He enjoys the outdoors and is an avid hunter, gun enthusiast, fisherman and boater. Some of his favorite vacation spots include the Gulf of Mexico and the south of France. Given his education at the University of Alabama it is no surprise that he is a College football fan – Roll Tide!