A Conversation Between YOU and CII

AWP and Information Management Webinar Replay

With an introduction to CII research and the CII AWP Research Virtual Summit

An interactive session with 3 thought leaders representing CII to help you better understand Advanced Work Packaging, the Construction Industry Institute’s role in advancing project performance worldwide, and the specific research initiatives that CII has completed and will embark on in future.

After watching please:

Key Takeaways:

  • AWP success stories: benefits achieved through the implementation of AWP guidance/application of research findings
  • Scalable AWP: What percentage of your projects are valued at under $100m but are using AWP?
  • Where would you see value in having AWP applied (outside of oil & gas / heavy industrial sectors?)
  • What are some of the barriers you have encountered with the implementation of AWP?
  • What is CII, and what research and publications come out of CII?
  • Is there evidence that CII research can improve performance?
  • What are the CII Communities of Business Advancement, and how can they help your organization?
  • What is the CII AWP Research Virtual Summit?
  • How will the findings presented at the AWP Research Virtual Summit help organizations improve performance and advance the AWP model?