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Amin Amini

Having the capacity to generate AWP influence is a key skill set for our change agents. We have been working with the industry over the last 10+ years developing a comprehensive understanding of what needs to happen, we have also been busy building the capacity to make it happen, through the acquisition and development of the right people.

Amin Amini

Information Manager

Amin brings over a decade of rich experience in the construction industry, having tackled a myriad of practical challenges throughout his career. From navigating complex project dynamics to implementing innovative solutions, Amin’s expertise spans across diverse domains within construction. With a deep-rooted passion for analytics, Amin pursued higher education and earned his Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Management.

In his role, Amin oversees the implementation of robust data management systems that capture, analyze, and utilize information throughout the project lifecycle. By leveraging advanced software solutions, he ensures that critical project data is collected, stored, and shared seamlessly among stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making, and enhancing collaboration. Additionally, he holds several cloud computing and analytical certificates, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in his field.

During his spare time, Amin thrives in the outdoors, indulging in skiing, hiking, camping, and stand-up

paddleboarding. As a culinary buff, Amin tends to his smoker, crafting delicious dishes that bring

loved ones together in celebration