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Arnulfo (Flacko) Solis

Having the capacity to generate AWP influence is a key skill set for our change agents. We have been working with the industry over the last 10+ years developing a comprehensive understanding of what needs to happen, we have also been busy building the capacity to make it happen, through the acquisition and development of the right people.

Arnulfo (Flacko) Solis

Workface Planning Coordinator

I have been in the oil & gas industry for over 12 years. Pipefitter by trade/Supervision, worked in several mega projects with S&B, Performance, Bechtel, Turner & JV industrial. Picked up a little of what each company was lacking in the planning side. In 2019 I had the opportunity to join the AWP department at the BCEP project in Exxon Baytown, Tx. With the field experience, material management and planning skills I picked up throughout the years and most important knowing what construction was needing to be more productive. As a WFP I helped to implement procedures, build IWPs that were easy to work and had full visibility through out its course, which helped save time and materials and finally to complete the project on schedule.

Born in Tamaulipas, Mexico & raised in Houston, Texas.  Fluent in English & Spanish. Married and have 3 beautiful daughters, Love going on trips to the beach or BBQing with the family. Hobbies include going to car shows & drag racing at the local racetrack.