3D Model Administrator

Job Description

Job Title:
WorkFace Planner

Construction Contractor

Reports to:
Superintendent – Functional
WorkFace Planning Lead – Matrix

The Workface Planner is responsible to build Field Installation Work Packages for the construction contractor’s workforce. A typical WorkFace Planner will build and maintain FIWPs in one discipline for one General Foreman or approximately 50 craft employees. The WorkFace Planner is expected to utilize WorkFace Planning software and the 3D model to design virtual plans based upon the schedule and the superintendent’s execution plan. The WorkFace Planner is then responsible to identify and remove the constraints for each FIWP and then enter progress once the plans have been executed.

A typical WorkFace planner is expected to:

  • Not be responsible to give the Foremen direction, this remains the responsibility of the General Foremen.
  • Attend SAIT Fundamentals training.
  • Utilize WorkFace Planning Software to build FIWPs (Field Installation work Packages) that have a detailed scope of work, confirmed material availability, scaffold & equipment needs identified,- with planned value, schedule dates and applicable cost codes listed.
  • Build FIWPs in line with the project schedule.
  • Supply a copy of each FIWP c/w bill of materials, RAS (Required At Site) date and site coordinates to the material management group 3 weeks prior to the scheduled FIWP release date.
  • Identify permit requirements for each FIWP.
  • Evaluate plans with the Foremen and General Foremen.
  • Develop and maintain a backlog of executable work fronts.
  • Facilitate the Safety and QC departments’ interaction with every plan before it is released.
  • Participate in weekly scaffold and equipment coordination meetings.
  • Record progress from the Foremen into the WorkFace Planning Software.
  • Develop hydro-test packages with field engineering.
  • Produce reports on individual system % completion as required.
  • Develop punchlist and turnover packages under guidance from the Turnover Coordinator.
  • Maintain a log of plan development, execution and % complete.
  • Participate in weekly cross discipline coordination meetings.
  • Generate and track Requests for Information (RFI) based upon the request of the Foremen.


A WorkFace Planner should:

  • Be a qualified trades person
  • Have experience as a Supervisor, preferably as a General Forman.
  • Have experience in Industrial construction.
  • Have basic computer skills. (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Or be willing to learn computer skills.
  • Have a desire to learn new skills and to make a difference.

(The ideal WorkFace Planning department has a mixture of experience and youth).